How to Enable 2-FA on Empire Market

As mentioned in the primary review, 2-FA is the most advanced level of encryption and security firewall you can get for your Darknet Market accounts.

That’s because once 2-FA is set, you’ll need to use your personal PGP key to decrypt a message everytime you try to login to Empire Market, which acts as an additional firewall along with your password hence securing your accounts further.

Obtaining or Setting up PGP Key

Not everyone reading this may be familiar with PGP keys; hence I’ll walk you through a step by step guide on how to create one and set it up on your Empire Market accounts.

First download GPG4WIN (Kleopatra) and install it like any other normal application > launch the Kleopatra app > click on “File> New key pair”

On the popup which appears, click on “Create a personal PGP Key pair”.

The next screen is optional, however it does help to enter a name for your keypair to help you recognize the right key to use (if you’ve more than one), the E-mail field can (and should) be left blank for anonymity; however when you choose to enter an E-mail, enter something completely random, fake and non-existent.

Simply click “create” on the next screen.

A popup would come up asking you to set a password for your key, this is important as it’ll be needed everytime you decode that PGP encrypted text from Empire Market so make sure it’s secure and you remember it.

The final screen can just be ignored by clicking on “finish”.

Now you need to copy the key, which can be done in a number of ways however the simplest way to get that done is simply select the key you just created, and click on “export”.

Choose any location on your system you’d like to save the file at, it’s just a notepad file which you need to open and copy all of its content. (I saved it on my desktop so I can find it faster).

Setting up 2-Factor authentication on Empire Market

By now, you should have your PGP file exported and ready to be copied.

The easiest way to start with security on Empire Market is logging in to your account, and scrolling down on your dashboard till you reach the “Security” tab.

You can initiate PGP setup either by clicking any of the first two options in this tab, or by going to your Account (by clicking on your username on the top-right corner of the screen).

Scrolling down on your account page would show you a “PGP information” box; this is where you need to paste your PGP Key. And then set the 2-FA option to – “Enable two factor authentication for login” and then click on save changes.

That would take you to a PGP confirmation page, because this is the first time you’re setting up PGP, you need to prove to the marketplace that you do actually own the PGP keys.

It would show you an encrypted message, copy it.

Launch Kleopatra again >Notepad > Paste the copied code from Empire market > Decrypt /Verify notepad.

Enter your PGP password which was set during key-creation.

Done. Kleopatra will display the secret phrase for you, copy this and paste it on Empire Market’s “security key” box and click Proceed.

Done. Your  2-FA is set. You can read a step-by-step tutorial on How to Login using 2-Fa on Empire Market here.