How to find Trusted Vendors on the Marketplace?

As already mentioned in the Empire Market review, the marketplace is extremely transparent with profile-information. It displays ample amount of data about a vendor letting you easily choose a more established and reputed vendor over newer, potential-scammers.

When you find a product you’re interested in, click on the name of the vendor which is being displayed.

That should take you to the vendor’s profile. Over there, analyze all the data shown for the profile such as:

  • Vendor Level
  • Trust level
  • Total Sales: Any vendor with significant amount of sales is less likely to scam you.
  • Disputes: If the vendor is trustworthy, he’d have lesser disputes.
  • Reviews: See what others who’ve purchased from the vendor are saying about him/her.
  • Fe Allowed/not allowed (FE allowed vendors are generally trusted by the marketplace and post the least chances of being scammers).

In my personal opinion, any vendor over level 5 and Trust level 5 is a safe bet. Although it’s best if you find the same product being sold by many vendors, and then go with the one who has the most impressive statistics.