How to Get Proof of Ownership for Deposit Address from Empire Market?

If you went through our detailed guide section on how to deposit and make purchases on Empire Market, you probably did wonder if you can trust the marketplace?

I mean what if the marketplace suddenly says that it didn’t receive your coins ,and the address you sent money to wasn’t owned by the marketplace?

To prevent just this kind of situation, Empire Market provides “Proof of ownership” which is a PGP signed message from the marketplace for the deposit addresses generated for your account.

It can be used to prove that the generated address was infact owned by the marketplace.

Obtaining the Proof of ownership is simple, when you generate a deposit address (read step by step tutorial here) the proof of ownership is generated along with it.

Simply click on that link, and copy the PGP signed message displayed to you until the money is reflected in your accounts.

You can decrypt it using any PGP decryption tool, such as GPG4WIN and the decrypted text would prove that the address was actually controlled by the marketplace.