How to Purchase on the AutoShop

The Autoshop differs in products and mechanism from the traditional shop, considering how the items are auto and instantly dispatched upon purchase.

In order to purchase something from the autoshop, simply go to the Autoshop (either cards or accounts) and choose the card /account you wish to purchase > click on Add to card.

Select the Payment currency and if you wish to check the cards’ status (live/dead). Enter your PIN and click on Purchase now.

The card/account is instantly available in your “My purchases” section of the autoshop.

Note that if you choose “No” on the “Check Cards” option, you may either get a live or a dead card, but if you do choose to check the card it’ll cost you an extra USD $0.60 but makes sure that you only get a LIVE card, if the card is dead you won’t be charged for the card (card checking fee is still deducted).