How to Setup PIN for Purchases on Empire Market?

This is an additional layer of security to your Empire Market accounts, one which makes sure even if your password is compromised, your PGP key too; the hacker can’t actually make purchases or spend funds from your account.

This PIN is required for all those major fund-involving actions and is set during Registration.

Enabling it is simple, login to your Empire Market account, on your primary dashboard scroll down, find the “security” section and there if you don’t have this Pin Enabled you’ll see a message as such:

Simply click on Enable which will take you to your Account. Scroll down and under “security settings” enter your current PIN (which you set during registration) and set the option to “Enable pin for Purchases”.

Done. Now everytime you make a purchase (read detailed guide on “how to make a Purchase on Empire Market here”, you’ll be required to enter this PIN).